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The Story of Popsyclunk

Popsyclunk is not just a business, it’s a way of life. I have loved to paint since as long as I can remember. Everyone has a story…..I’d like to help you to tell yours. Here is mine:

I am a mummy of two, wife, puppy tamer and lover of music based in the heart of Derbyshire, UK.  I am a dreamer of dreams and maker of  ” Happy Homewares and Gifts Lovingly Handmade to Tell Your Story”.

I started out by making letters for my daughters’ bedroom doors back when my youngest was one. The journey that motherhood as brought saw me wanting to record my two daughters’ special times, so that when they are older, they are able to look back at “their story”. Hence I handpaint and personalise, wooden memory boxes, mini suitcases, christening gifts, wedding gifts and doggy gifts, because babies don’t just come in human form, they come in furry form too!

My hubby says I have a cartoon-esque outlook on life and I’m happy to stay that way! I can’t imagine going back to a non-creative job as painting makes my heart happy, and it allows me to be there for my daughters who are now both at school.

In my spare time I can be seen walking a larger than life puppy dog and dancing around the kitchen, taking in life and enjoying the special moments.

When I set up Popsyclunk it was with my gorgeous rescue dog Marley at my feet. After he sadly passed over to doggy heaven in March of 2015, I decided that to incorporate him into my logo would be the perfect way for him to stay part of Popsyclunk forever.


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My colours and designs are inspired by childhood memories, bright candyfloss pinks, sunny yellows and greens reminiscent of freshly cut grass and nature’s own colours. I am also inspired by holidays by the sea in Devon and Cornwall I now enjoy with my own little family, influencing my nautical themes and ice cream hues.

The Clunk bit of the Popsyclunk name is actually after my best friend “Clunk”  who encouraged me to start up Popsyclunk in the first place and still inspires me every day. She now lives in Melbourne, Australia and even through time zones and bringing up small children our friendship bond is forever strong.

So this is the story of  Popsyclunk. Take a look at my products, contact me with an order. If you can’t see the exact product you like, after all who doesn’t love to change the menu, then contact me with a bespoke enquiry and I’ll see what I can do………..



Please use the contact form or email me direct: hello@popsyclunk.co.uk

You can also find me through:

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