Birthday Week blog!

It’s been a busy week. On Thursday I launched my new look website, all thanks to  It has a fresh new look which I think reflects the Popsyclunk style and customer profile. image

It was also my birthday and people who know me know how much I love music. My lovely hubby gave me the George Ezra Album “Wanted on Voyage” . I didn’t hint, honest! It’s brilliant. Think Ray Lamontagne meets Paolo Nutini but with his own special gravelly-voiced twist. Apparently written on his travels across Europe, “Budapest” and “Barcelona” are my favourites.

On Friday I went to the School for Creative Startups MADE Fringe Festival talk by Doug Richard in Sheffield.  He talked about a product or business being able to solve a problem. I’m building up a style for my memory boxes which allows the customer to input into the design of a beautiful wooden box and which moves away from the traditional and more to the contemporary.

To have a beautifully designed and painted memory box is as important as the memories that it will be filled with. In a world full of  tablets and phones and digital everything we sometimes just need to run our fingers over a photograph or a special object that evokes a particular memory and be reminded of the ones we love.