New Baby Gifts Girls Wooden Bunting

wooden bunting

New Baby Gifts Girls Wooden Bunting

New Baby Gifts Girls Wooden Bunting. New Year New Babies! It has just been my daughter’s birthday and although people might get the January blues it us always a happy time for us as we celebrate her birthday. So here’s a picture of one of my latest strings of Wooden Bunting made for Lucy. The pretty pink flower reminds me of the bright colours of Spring which is just round the corner!

Available in my Etsy Shop !!

I’ll be back with some exciting news soon…..!!!!

ohnorachio – Guest Blog

wooden bunting

ohnorachio – Guest Blog

A quick blog about my guest blog over on ohnorachio As you all know, I have blogged alongside my business for a little while now, so when I had the opportunity to guest blog for Rachel  of OHNORACHIO, Designer-Maker of pretty things, Letterer,  Creative & Blogger (as it states in her Profile) I jumped at the chance. I really admire the way that Rachel blogs and her photos are just as engaging as her content.

I was a bit nervous about how to put myself across, but after a gallon of tea, and a few tips from Rachel, I am really pleased with the result. It has really helped me to think about what my business is about and I feel like I have come far enough to be able to share tips with others.

I have been working hard to get my product photography right. Featured is a photo of my personalised wooden bunting which has just been given as a new baby gift. I love these colours!

I hope you enjoy reading my post as well as the other guest blogs that Rachel has shared while she is away. I particularly love the post for the Blueberry and Acai Smoothie – delish!

Birthday Blog!

Birthday Blog!!

Today is my birthday! “Hip hop hooray”- said no-one ever when in the middle of the night wiping snot from a colded up child, in the realisation that tomorrow, her birthday was not going to go as planned.

Don’t worry. That was me at 12am, 2am, 315am and ooh 555am this morning but it does have a happy ending! You see I had plans for today; my first proper “birthday DAY off” for 7 years now both little people are at school. I was going to go into Nottingham with my mum, have a look in the shops, even source some photo props for Popsyclunk then go for tea and cake! Yey! ( cue needle on the record screeching to a halt) . When I finally “woke up” at 615am! I looked over at said colded up child lay diagonally across our lovely big bed so that I had ooh about 30cm square of room for me to cling onto. I looked at her beautiful blonde mop of hair cascading over my pillow and had a little word with myself.

Yes my day of pamper and self indulgence has gone out of the window but I would get to spend it with my littlest little. Toy Story 2 on loop and “help” opening my cards. Snuggles on the sofa made up for the snot!

Next my hubby came upstairs with my most favourite breakfast ever – thickly spread marmite on toast, a gallon of OJ and a hot (!) mug of decaf tea, accompanied by a little vase filled with beautiful blooms he’d just picked from the wildflower garden ( me and the kids had a guerrilla seed scatter in the spring) . Biggest little then jumped into bed with handmade cards (made with super granny) and lovely gifts not expensive in value but rich in thought. My day just got better.

School run and a beautiful friend gave me the most lovely and thoughtful gift -a framed photo of our new pup Otto. This meant so much as I’ve struggled so much with the loss of out beautiful Marley nearly 6 months to the day. Losing my best friend in canine form has made my heart sad every day, we went through so much together that some days I cannot bear to be without him. That said having Otto in our lives has given us so much pleasure. This photo cemented the fact that he is part of our family just as Marley was and always will be. He has big paws to fill but he has a gentle soul, which was why we loved Marley so.

Then a whatsapp video message from my best bud just before her and her littles went to bed in Australia. A happy birthday sing song which just melted my heart. Thankyou Clunk!

Next I had lovely cards and pressies from such lovely friends and family. I’m not materialistic at all but everyone had lovely words and thought. A fantastic recipe book from my sis, full of gorgeous illustrations ; A CD from my hubby with all my favourite Saturday Sessions from Dermot on; fab pampering treats from my lovely friend, sunflowers from my lovely friend, and a gorgeous bracelet from my best buddy with the words ” she dreamed she could so she did” on as well as superhero pants!

…and a colouring in book from my hubby. I really love the idea of colouring in to relax so for the rest of the day……you can find me mostly colouring in…. Ooh and eating cake.



My sad heart is feeling warm and happy. Enjoy your days everyone. I know I am enjoying mine even though it didn’t turn out quite as planned!


***This blog post has been brought to you by cake, full fat coke ( ahem I know- the healthy eating starts on Monday!) , Vicks (other menthol cold remedies are available) , calpol, Toy Story 2, child snot, puppy licks and beautiful beautiful people.***








Memory Boxes and Suitcases!

Memory Boxes and Suitcases – My busy week

It’s been busy busy at Popsyclunk this week.  I’ve been nursing a poorly Popsyclunker which although not nice,  has given me  some time look forward  to the future and a new product for Popsyclunk.

I’ve been making  Memory Boxes  for a while now, and as well as the wooden square boxes with a lift off or hinged lid I already offer, I had the idea of offering a wooden suitcase – style box. I love the idea of a mini suitcase to keep all of a little person’s special keepsakes in. It ties in with the idea of their journey or travels through life. I worked on the idea of monogrammed suitcases from the early to mid 20th Century where people used to have their initials  etched or stitched onto the side and of course wanted to give it a Popsyclunk twist of fresh colours that give it a modern feel. Each one could be personalised with the child’s initials. The little wooden tag has been hand painted with the words “Rosie’s Travels” and the  little balloon shows her date of  birth.

The suitcase is 17 x 23 x 9cm so a perfect size to send through the post too! I made my first suitcase for Rosie, my best friend Clunk’s little girl, for her birthday. Here she is looking very pleased with it. It travelled all the way back to Australia with her.

The   ” My Little Wooden Suitcase” will be handmade to order and will be £24 plus £3.75 P&P . They will be listed in my Etsy Shop soon. In the meantime if you’d like to place an order for one please contact me through my website here or my Facebook Page. They are perfect as a personalised birthday present, new baby gift, christening gift or maybe start thinking abut Christmas ! Eeek! After all, its less than 100 days away!

I hope you’ve had a lovely week, I’m hoping next week will be less about illness and more about painting!


Ooh and I forgot to mention the giveaway to win an “Amelia” name plaque on my Facebook Page. So if you have an Amelia in your life, get over there before Midnight on 27th September and you could be in with a chance!

****This blog post has been brought to you by strong tea, chocolate digestives and junior calpol.****

My Grateful Week

My Grateful Week

Hello and Welcome to September!!! What an eventful week. My youngest daughter started school and the school hours are mine again. Although they are soon filled but before I dash off to the school run I just wanted to share my grateful week!!

I promised to blog over the school summer holidays, and so busy was I with my littles (I’ll need a Memory Box just for the Summer) that I just didn’t seem to have time.

So instead Im going to start a weekly “My Week of Grateful” and take 10 minutes in the week to share what was good, what was not so good and the continuing journey of Popsyclunk and my hectic life as a mum, wife, puppy tamer, music lover , housework dodger and Creative Business/Creative life owner.

On Saturday we travelled back from 2 weeks holiday in the glorious South Hams.I was feeling particularly grateful to spend 2 fantastic weeks with my family and the little pup! The holiday is a whole other blog post in itself,  but we stopped off at Gloucester Services. I had been wanting to for a while and compared to the normal services hell that seems to exist it was a total breath of fresh air. Its like a Farm Shop set up using local suppliers and an eco friendly – on the eye friendly building. Take a look if you’re down that way.

My gorgeous little ladies trotted off to infants and juniors on Tuesday and I felt grateful that they were happy to do so, I’m hoping filled with memories of a fantastic summer and feeling refreshed and ready to learn. I also felt grateful that I have some extra time to devote to Popsyclunk and I started writing a business plan, and also joined Made In Derbyshire which again I have wanted to for while. It does what it says on the tin really, it looks to be all about celebrating and promoting businesses from Derbyshire throughout 2015 and I’m hoping beyond. Again another blog post there.

Friday and I’m definitely feeling grateful for the weekend. We ve all gone off to school and work after 2 weeks together and I’m looking forward to all being back together again and going to visit Waingroves Show, our local village show which is beautifully traditional. We re hoping to enter some of our creations into the competitions.

I also feel grateful for the photos I took when my beautiful best friend Clunk was here with her two lovely little people this summer.  Check back soon and I’ll be sharing my new product with you…

Enjoy the weekend and be grateful for a bit of Indian Summer!


What are you feeling grateful for………?


Fresh Air Tired



A few things have sparked off this blog post: The Summer Holidays are imminent, some schools have already broken up. Ours break up tomorrow.

Yey! School’s out for Summer! Does that fill you with dread, or delight or a bit of both? For me its a bit of both.  Here in Derbyshire I have 6 weeks stretching ahead of us. I down tools at Popsyclunk during this time, but in the time I grab at night when the kids are in bed, I am plotting and planning where I am going to take my business come September when I have both children at full time school. By day I am busy entertaining the little ones. Filling those days, sometimes with exciting trips out, ice cream, and their favourite thing, “making” as they put it.  This of course has to be balanced with food shopping, housework and other chores, at which time they have to muck in or chill out with a bit of TV down time. ( I never thought Id stick the TV on to be a bit of a babysitter while I hoover the whole house in 2 mins flat). My eldest daughter wakes up (6.30am is a lie in!) , has a wee, asks for sellotape (other brands of sticky tape are available). I love this in her, she loves being creative and I think that she sees my passion for Popsyclunk and all that goes with it as an inspiration for her to follow.  I hope she knows that by being a work at home mum, it is possible to shape your own destiny and in my case follow my creative passion while running a home and a family.  It’s not easy, and sometimes there seems to be not enough hours in the day. The 6 week summer holidays do slightly scare me. Im still taking orders but not making orders until September. I will be earning less but possibly needing to spend more. At the same time though I think of memories of my own childhood summers ; Playing dominoes with my Nottingham Grandpa for a prize of 2p’s and 1p’s;  The smell of Fish and Chips at my Stafford Grandpa’s with the familiar pattern of the blue and white plates at their house; nettle stings on bare legs with a dock leaf to soothe it; blue ice poles; strawberry sauce; wicked thunderstorms; dressing up the dog; feeling like your childhood would last forever.

So I think what I am trying to say is that I am going to grasp these summer holidays with both hands, arm in arm with my family, friends and the kids themselves, I’m going to try my hardest so make sure that these little people have times that give them a happy heart. I know there are going to be supermarket tantrums (thats just me) and frustrations, but I’m hoping for some warm balmy days, the smell of freshly cut grass, being carried up to bed half asleep, “fresh air tired” and a day that you want to last forever. I’m going to blog, partly to keep you up to date with what we do, with any ideas worth sharing and hopefully to keep me sane.

I won a wonderful print last week from Becky Bettesworth with the words “Enjoy Today” and that is what we plan to do. I am also going to run a little competition where you can share your favourite summer memories on my  Popsyclunk Facebook page. I’m still trying to decide the prize for my favourite favourite – if that makes sense!  A voucher towards a memory box maybe, to fill with all these memories! Watch this space….!

In the mean time….I’m going in!!!!


Savouring Happiness

Savouring Happiness!!


Hello! Happy Friday! This week has been all about savouring happiness, looking back at great memories and also making plans to create new memories. So I was really excited when my photo was featured on The Green Gables Blog . Gabrielle at The Green Gables, home of green and gorgeous stationery along with Holly Booth, a fab product photographer run weekly #savouringhappiness on their instagram accounts and then feature their favourite photos on Gabrielle’s blog the following Friday.

My photo of our family bike ride at Hassop Station was featured! Yippee!! It makes me think more and  more of the memory box side of Popsyclunk and how these nuggets of information; photos, findings, favourite pieces of music could all be nicely stored in a Popsyclunk Memory Box, then brought out again and again to instigate more savouringhappiness moments. What nugget of happiness will you savour this weekend!

Have a good one folks and I’ll leave you with this…….



Outdoor Wooden Garden Bunting

New- Outdoor Wooden Garden Bunting…
Is here!
Priced at £3.50 per flag if you would like a letter or symbol or £3.00 per flag without.
P&P is £3.50

It is a bit chilly out there today but with summer on the horizon, why not order some of my wooden bunting which has been painted with outdoor paint so is perfect to hang on your shed, your fence, anywhere you fancy!

Handmade in Derbyshire my current turnaround is 2-3 weeks
Please get in touch if you’d like to make an order!

New Extra Large Wooden Memory Box !

New Extra Large Wooden Memory Box!

This month I completed a bespoke order for a customer who wanted a larger size wooden memory box than those I currently offered. It was so successful I am now offering this size wooden memory box.

This memory and keepsake box is made from pine and has a hinged lid. The grain shows through the painted design which gives a lovely effect. The box is hand painted and then finished with a wipeable clear gloss.

The new size of the box is 27cm x 27cm x 14cm so is quite deep and perfect for not only new baby keepsakes but also mementoes of a child’s life as they grow up.
The price starts at £52.00 and the price is dependant on the amount of detail you would like. As always my trademark Popsyclunk wooden letters are added to personalise your memory box.
This “Chloe” box was for local collection, so I am yet to send one in the post. I can confirm at time of order but I expect UK P&P to be around £10-15

Please enquire through the contact form if you are interested in ordering a memory box or any other Popsyclunk personalised product. I have slots from mid April onwards and my lead in time from then will be around 3 weeks.