Fresh Air Tired



A few things have sparked off this blog post: The Summer Holidays are imminent, some schools have already broken up. Ours break up tomorrow.

Yey! School’s out for Summer! Does that fill you with dread, or delight or a bit of both? For me its a bit of both.  Here in Derbyshire I have 6 weeks stretching ahead of us. I down tools at Popsyclunk during this time, but in the time I grab at night when the kids are in bed, I am plotting and planning where I am going to take my business come September when I have both children at full time school. By day I am busy entertaining the little ones. Filling those days, sometimes with exciting trips out, ice cream, and their favourite thing, “making” as they put it.  This of course has to be balanced with food shopping, housework and other chores, at which time they have to muck in or chill out with a bit of TV down time. ( I never thought Id stick the TV on to be a bit of a babysitter while I hoover the whole house in 2 mins flat). My eldest daughter wakes up (6.30am is a lie in!) , has a wee, asks for sellotape (other brands of sticky tape are available). I love this in her, she loves being creative and I think that she sees my passion for Popsyclunk and all that goes with it as an inspiration for her to follow.  I hope she knows that by being a work at home mum, it is possible to shape your own destiny and in my case follow my creative passion while running a home and a family.  It’s not easy, and sometimes there seems to be not enough hours in the day. The 6 week summer holidays do slightly scare me. Im still taking orders but not making orders until September. I will be earning less but possibly needing to spend more. At the same time though I think of memories of my own childhood summers ; Playing dominoes with my Nottingham Grandpa for a prize of 2p’s and 1p’s;  The smell of Fish and Chips at my Stafford Grandpa’s with the familiar pattern of the blue and white plates at their house; nettle stings on bare legs with a dock leaf to soothe it; blue ice poles; strawberry sauce; wicked thunderstorms; dressing up the dog; feeling like your childhood would last forever.

So I think what I am trying to say is that I am going to grasp these summer holidays with both hands, arm in arm with my family, friends and the kids themselves, I’m going to try my hardest so make sure that these little people have times that give them a happy heart. I know there are going to be supermarket tantrums (thats just me) and frustrations, but I’m hoping for some warm balmy days, the smell of freshly cut grass, being carried up to bed half asleep, “fresh air tired” and a day that you want to last forever. I’m going to blog, partly to keep you up to date with what we do, with any ideas worth sharing and hopefully to keep me sane.

I won a wonderful print last week from Becky Bettesworth with the words “Enjoy Today” and that is what we plan to do. I am also going to run a little competition where you can share your favourite summer memories on my  Popsyclunk Facebook page. I’m still trying to decide the prize for my favourite favourite – if that makes sense!  A voucher towards a memory box maybe, to fill with all these memories! Watch this space….!

In the mean time….I’m going in!!!!