On Being 40!

On being 40!

Hello and sorry I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a little while. It’s been a busy few months! Last month I turned 40 and I wanted to write about what it’s been like and how the World from my eyes is looking right now.

Contemplating being 40
Contemplating being 40!

I have so say it’s not a moment that filled me with dread at all, but I know it does to some people so let me explain. I’m on the other side now so hopefully for those if you it is an imminent realisation for, don’t worry.

One of my school mummy friends turned 40 a month before me and I can remember at the time asking her how she felt. She said that she was happy with her family and her life so she was happy to celebrate it as she was in a good place. That made me think that that’s pretty much how I felt too.

If you’d asked me a few years ago when my children were very small then I would have said I’d like to jet off somewhere just me and the hubby to somewhere lovely just for some “us” time. When it got nearer to the time I realised that was the last thing I wanted to do.

We’ve worked so hard to grow our little family and grow our respective businesses and really I wanted to celebrate that. So the weekend before I turned 40 we set off for a weekend totally off grid, no phones, no electricity and just total serenity. This in itself will be my next blog post as I think it deserves its own dedicated slot, but it was the best decision. Spending time with the ones I love in such a beautiful place was just bliss. It shows that if you strip away material things and the other things that make our lives ” busy” you can enjoy the exact reason why you are a family; each other. It was AMAZING!



The weekend of my birthday we had the most amazing fun by holding a 80’s/90’s throwback party with our very best friends. It was hilarious – as everyone dressed up, adults and kids. We had everyone from Boy George to Beetle Juice to Jamie and his Magic Torch. A good few hours of eating drinking and dancing and I was left feeling very loved.

Three weeks on and we went to a surprise party for one of my loveliest friends who was also turning 40. Her hubbby worked so incredibly hard to make it special for her and it was FANTASTIC! I had butterflies that morning as I wanted it to be special for her and it was brilliant. I think she also felt very loved.

On the morning of my friend’s party, my youngest daughter was on a doggy walk with me and read a sign for the ” Community Woodland” we are very lucky to have on our doorstep. “What does Community mean, Mummy”, She asked. I came back with the usual – people who all live in one area or place, but the as we talked the more I thought about it. Turning 40 I have realised I am part of the most wonderful community that is bound together by friendship, love and common values. My friends that came to my birthday party and the ones that went to my friend’s party this weekend, some of us have know each other practically all our lives, and we are all party of an amazing community. We don’t all live in the same place anymore, some of our friends couldn’t make it as they live too far away. Our common bond though is our common friendship and love for each other. We all have the same values and we all look out for each other and want to celebrate each other’s beautiful souls.

I am the first of my 8 childhood friends to be 40 and I can tell you it is a lovely feeling to feel so celebrated and so loved. This common bond we all have just seems to get stronger and stronger.

40 is great, and for different reasons than I ever imagined. Happy 40th Year my beautiful friends!