Salford Media City

A visit to Salford  MediaCity

Yesterday my family and I were lucky enough to spend a day at Salford Quays. There was a fantastic Cbeebies event on which for those of you who have kids under 6 would appreciate the delight on  my two’s faces as they saw Rastamouse, Doctor Ranj and the Swashbuckle stars amongst others.

imageThere was also delight on my face as Salford holds a special place in my heart too. It was where I worked for nearly 2 years as an Economic Development Officer at the City Council and where I had my first experience working with Creative Industries in The Chapel Street area. Coming back here 13 years later now with my own little creative business I had a real feeling of contentment. The BBC and ITV have shiny new offices up here as part of MediaCity, there are residential apartments reaching for the sky and great swathes of waterside development to rival that of London’s Southbank. This is a different Salford I left behind. I also thought by changing career paths I had eft the world of regeneration behind. Instead I came back with a new sense of achievement in where I have come from, an a newly inspired faith in the path I am now treading. imageHats off to you Salford, you have a creative and media heart that is World class. Now all we need to do is inspire some of those little faces that were gazing up at Rastamouse yesterday to pursue a creative career path that will be rewarding and fulfilling. I know I have a budding creative on my hands, and I’m going to nurture that creativity within her to help her aspire to a creative career if she so wishes.  Eireee! !!